Monday, June 12, 2006

Dover Skating Rink

Dover Skating Rink was located on Marine Parade and the site is now the duel carriageway to the Docks, it more or less stood in front of Motes Bulwark.

Built on the site of Guildford Battery is was begun in 1909 and was opened by William Crundall on 13th August 1910. It had a floorspace of 25,000 square feet and had the largest spanned roof in Dover at the time. It was in direct competition with the Promenade Pier for a number of years, but had a similar fate.....

In World War One the site was requisitioned and became the site for the RNAS Seaplane station and used as a hanger throughout the War. Two further hangers were built and a slipway down to the beach. The date the other hangers were demolished isn't known, but the 'rink' remained in places as an industrial unit until the 1970's when the road widening project was put through.